Cheryl Nicolson founded the firm on a simple principle; to serve clients in only the areas where we have substantial experience and provide legal service that is better and more cost-effective than that provided by our competitors.

While an alumna of both large and mid-sized national and regional law firms, Ms. Nicolson decided she could best deliver outstanding, focused service to clients in a more cost-effective manner, by starting her own firm with hand-picked, top-notch lawyers who share her professional values and commitment to client service.

The firm is delivering on that commitment to client service by aggressively focusing on two fronts. First, we believe we are never too experienced to learn something new. We keep abreast of legal and technological developments, constantly on the look-out for creative applications that provide our clients with strategic legal advantages and better service. Second, we control overhead and costs. This allows us to control rates, resulting in more cost-effective service for our clients.