We value education. In an effort to support the academic institutions, administrators and educators charged with the great and difficult responsibility of educating our children, we provide thoughtful, skilled and experienced counsel to independent and public schools in a variety of areas including: school administration, student safety, curriculum content and delivery, school policies and handbooks, hiring and termination of employees, employment contracts, enrollment contracts, admission practices and discrimination.

In most instances, our representation involves consultation with schools concerning matters of daily school life along with the development of policies, procedures and contracts designed to provide clarity in the relationships the school has with students, parents, teachers, administrators and others outside the school. In other instances, our representation is in the context of litigation involving students, parents, teachers or a third party. Our experience over the last decade of representing both independent and public schools has demonstrated that strong strategic planning and thoughtful development of policies and procedures goes a long way toward minimizing the risk of claims and litigation.


Nicolson Law Group is proud to support the Advancing Civics Education (A.C.E.) program sponsored by the Philadelphia Bar Association and the School District of Philadelphia. The A.C.E. program is designed to enhance 9th grade World History curriculum in public high schools throughout Philadelphia. Teams of judges and lawyers volunteer their time to lead the in-class interactive activities that focus on the role of law in our society.

The goal of A.C.E. is to help students to be active and responsible citizens by helping them to think critically about the world and their place in it. The team members act as facilitators and role models to the 9th grade students, who are at risk of abandoning their education during a particularly difficult transition year. We are pleased that Leanne Waldie has been selected to act as a Team Leader for this extraordinary program in its fledgling year in the Philadelphia Schools.